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What is TrackMan?

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TrackMan Master Teacher - Andrew Rice

Spinning your wedges

TrackMan owner and

PGA Tour winner

Ian Poulter

TrackMan Putting

The TrackMan 4 launch monitor is a state of the art piece of teaching and fitting equipment that can educate golfers of all levels and help you to improve much faster than if you didn't use the technology. It is a combination of doppler radar and video analysis that can help all golfers improve. I will teach you how to understand ball flight and how it relates to swing flaws. This will help you to understand your own golf swing and you will be able to self diagnose your swing flaws in the future based on how the ball flies.


As a TrackMan Level 2 certified teacher I have the ability to simplify the teaching method using the TrackMan based on the student that I am interacting with. For a beginner golfer we may only use 2 data points which I will explain in terms that can be understood by everyone. As you become an intermediate golfer or an advanced golfer we introduce more data points that are relevant to your current skill level. I will use video analysis to help you understand how the data relates to your own golf swing and then we can come up with drills that will help you to improve.  


TrackMan is scientific proof that whatever issues there are in your golf game can be fixed!

Contact me if you have any questions regarding the TrackMan 4 launch monitor!

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