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My Story

My Story...

Well, where do I start?!?  I was born in BC and lived there for about one year before my parents moved across Canada for work.  I spent most of my childhood just north of Toronto, Ontario in a town called Uxbridge.  I played many sports and was the oldest child in a family with 5 children.  I was 8 years old when I first stepped foot on a golf course.  I will never forget it to this day!  By the third hole I had received my first bee sting of my life and I was traumatized!  I cried my way off the golf course!  


For the next 4 years I associated golf with bee stings and pain and didn't set foot on another golf course until I was 12 years old.  At this point I was hooked!  I would play golf from sunrise to sunset every day.  I mean it when I say every day!  I improved rapidly and won the Junior Club Championship for 3 years in a row at Foxbridge Golf Course in Uxbridge, Ontario.  I would read every golf magazine in publication and memorized everything imaginable.  

I continued to compete in many junior events across the province and won numerous junior club championships, local tournaments and my highlight was the Canadian Junior Golf Association Tour Championship in 1996.  The life lessons I learned as a junior golfer are invaluable.  The people I met and the lessons I learned from them go a long way.  I also played College Golf at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario where I studied Professional Golf Management - Business Administration.  I also attended Humber College and completed my studies at Grant MacEwan University.

I decided to join the PGA of Canada in 2002 and I worked hard on my golf game all summer with the goal of winning the qualifying tournament.  I achieved my goal by shooting scores of 68 and 66 for a total of 10 under par and won the tournament!  Most recently I won the 2016 Beach Grove Golf Club Pro-Am with a score of 68 and the 2017 Srixon PGA of BC Tour event at Tsawwassen Springs Golf Club with a score of 67.  The sense of accomplishment that one feels when they set a goal for themselves and put everything that they have towards achieving it is another one of life's lessons that I learned from golf.

I've also been very fortunate to work at some of the world's greatest golf courses on their professional staff such as St. George's Golf and Country Club in Toronto, Ontario for 3 years where we hosted the 2010 RBC Canadian Open PGA Tour event and Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club in Jasper, Alberta for 2 years.


Over the past 25 years I have continued to expand my knowledge of golf and teaching.  I am the owner of a TrackMan 4 launch monitor as well as a HackMotion wrist sensor.  I am very passionate about the ability to help all golfers improve through the use of technology.  TrackMan is the most respected brand on the PGA Tour and among teaching pros worldwide.

Learn more about TrackMan and HackMotion here.











I am passionate about teaching all levels of golfers and I look forward to connecting with you!

  • TrackMan Certified - Level 2

  • TPI Certified - Level 1

  • TPI Certified - Junior Level 2

  • PGA of Canada - Class "A"

  • PGA of Canada - TCCP Level 4 Certified

  • PGA of Canada - Instructor of Beginner Golfers - Certified

  • PGA of Canada - Instructor of Intermediate Golfers - Certified

  • 20 years as a PGA of Canada Professional

  • Winner of numerous junior and professional tournaments

  • Head Coach of Langara Falcons College Golf Team (2015-2018)

  • TrackMan Coach of the Month - November 2018

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