What is GOLF to you?

Fun?  Competitive?  Social?  Therapeutic?

Whatever it may be, I am here to help!



I love golf!  Golf has been a very important part of my life and I am here to share my experience with others.  I've been a PGA member for over 17 years and the experience I have gained from teaching golfers of all levels has proven to be very valuable in my teaching career.


A golf course or driving range can be an intimidating place for a new golfer whether they are young or old, big or small.  I am here to make this transition an easy one!


What is TrackMan?  

Click below to learn more about how it can help you improve.

trackman 4 golf launch monitor

McCleery Golf Academy

7188 Macdonald St.

Vancouver, BC

cell - 778 228 5443

email - tom@tomgolf.ca


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