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Operation 36
kids golf program at golf future

I am very passionate about helping children find a passion for golf and through my 21+ years of teaching golf I have found that the Operation 36 program is the BEST!


The Operation 36 program uses a STRUCTURED curriculum that the kids have to work through at their own pace. Golf can be an intimidating and frustrating sport but when the goals are set for kids they can only focus on what is important for the time being!

I have a 3 year old daughter and I can't wait for her to join the program too!

Watch these 3 short videos to learn more. 

Here is how the classes are organized...

- YEAR ROUND PROGRAM broken down into either 6 or 8 week semesters to help your child work through the curriculum and become a GOLFER FOR LIFE! Sign up for one semester at a time with no commitment required!


- Maximum class size of 6 kids to maintain a maximum student to teacher ratio of 6:1 to ensure that your child receives plenty of individual instruction and connection


- Each semester includes golf instruction PLUS 2 rounds of golf on the Golf Future Par 3 golf course (indoor simulator in the winter) where the kids will attempt to shoot 36 or less from their designated yardage.

- Classes are typically 75 minutes long and held once per week


- Once you are registered for the program you will need to download the Operation 36 app from the App Store. I will then grant you access to the class that you are registered for and you will have unlimited access to the Curriculum videos.


- There are a total of 12 curriculum subjects per Rank and all kids start at Rank 1 (Orange) and as they progress through each curriculum skill and pass the tests (testing happens twice per semester and can includes up to 3 tests per class) they will move up to the next rank (Rank 2 being Yellow). There are 6 ranks to progress through.

- The child will receive a bag tag that will allow them to keep track of their progress as they work through each curriculum subject and each rank. As they pass a test they will receive a sticker that goes on their bag tag that they can feel proud of and keep them motivated to earn more and improve at golf!

- The child is recommended to watch the curriculum videos for each class BEFORE the class so that they know what they need to work on.


- Each class will consist of a group conversation about the skills of the week, the word of the week, a rule of the week, supervised practice where I help them improve the skills that they are working on and a friendly game where the kids will earn SKILL POINT CHIPS that they will redeem in the final class of each semester for prizes.


- We go on the golf course and play 9 holes twice per semester (indoor simulator in the winter). They are taught to SUPPORT each other rather than compete AGAINST each other so this creates a fun experience. Parents are welcome to caddy for their child too!

- If a child can pass their designated rank on the golf course by shooting 36 then I can fast track the rest of their tests so that they can move up to the next rank.

- I will publish occasional updates on the app to stay connected with the children and parents.

- The app will include EVERYTHING that the children need to succeed in the program!

- The purpose of the program is to work through all of the Ranks as it is a clear, structured program to improve at golf and learn many of life's valuable lessons and virtues.

- If your child takes one semester and then takes a break for the next semester they will still have access to the app and can rejoin at any time!

I am EXTREMELY PASSIONATE about this program and the benefits that it can have on children's lives and not only their golf game!

Please connect with me below if you are considering joining the program or if you have any other questions!

Register for the Operation 36 app through the App Store and join the Golf Future community!

Click here to visit the Operation 36 website to learn more!
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